Before I show any pictures of any product, you need to know the history of the company, where are they from? What they do? How long they have been in the market? I know its a bit to much for you, but here it is;

In a corner of the Venetian countryside, with an enchanting hilly skyline and babbling mountain brooks, there is a town, Borso del Grappa, which echoes the name of its highest and most noble mountaintop, where Bosa, the ceramic industry renowned around the world, chose to settle many years ago. It is no coincidence that the piedmont area of the Veneto region has merged Bassano’s great ceramic tradition with Venice’s spirit of cosmopolitan culture and Asolo’s pioneering attention to innovation.

In 1976 Italo Bosa began his own ceramic production, applying the ancient techniques for making objects entirely by hand, enhanced by a rich palette of colours, decorated with precious metals such as gold, platinum and copper, and enameled in the exclusive shades of colour created by the company. These precision techniques remain the foundation for Bosa’s production and ensure that Bosa’s objects remain unique, recognizable and of the finest quality.

The ceramic objects and accessories created by maison Bosa not only express the full range of its crafting expertise, but express its ceaseless experimentation with the potential of ceramic, with the aim of transforming formal and functional conventions into new interpretations, new functions and fantastic worlds, a mission that Bosa has passed on to his daughters Francesca and Daniela, to his wife and to everyone who works with him.

What distinguishes Bosa, and makes it a leader in the field of designer ceramics in Italy and around the world, is its decision to make research and innovation the strong points of the company, thereby creating the know-how required to develop projects that seemed impossible because of the difficulty involved in making oversize objects and moulds, which highlight the special joy the founder takes in sharing the design processes with his mostly young and European designers, who experiment with new languages, and have helped to establish an upscale market position for the Bosa brand.

From the initial collaboration with Marco Zanuso Jr., and the consolidated relationship with the Palomba-Serafini firm, Bosa has developed friendly professional relationships with Satyendra Pakhalé, Patricia Urquiola, Marco Morosini, Manolo Bossi, Gualtiero Sacchi, Sam Baron, Luca Nichetto and a particular understanding with Jaime Hayon, who has invented so many exuberant worlds. Equally important are its collaborations with leading manufacturers such as Minotti, Moroso, B&B Italia, Baccarat and its custom-designed contract work for Ferrari, Escada, DeBeers and many others.

Bosa is currently marketed in over 50 nations around the world, not only thanks to its reputation, brand image and product identity, but also thanks to the implementation of a specific marketing strategy that positions the company in various market niches with an ample range of products. This capillary distribution also benefits from the significant presence of art design pieces in the most prestigious international museums, in thematic exhibitions, temporary shows and bookshops, which ensure the company constant and valuable visibility.

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