The ethos of Creazioni is eclectic Italian furniture with a big twist. It’s Vintage philosophy, fine finishings and contemporary fabrics blend into a timeless style, creating a versatile product that perfectly fits different living spaces, capturing the mood of a place. Their eclectic collections include seventies style lamps, soft sofas with lion’s claw feet, sideboards and chests with metallic finishes and ethnic objects immersed in intriguing thirties atmospheres. What makes it all work is Creazioni’s ability to combine unusual shapes, crisp colour contrasts and unusual combinations of different materials. High quality craftsmanship from Italy and something that cannot always be taken for granted in every interior these days: a touch of simple good taste.

A company based in Cantù Italia the so called “City of Furniture” is now in UAE, Creazioni by Silik.

The passion to dress up the past styles with a big twist to make it modern and carefree look results the birth of the Creazioni brand in 1997.

Expert Cristina Gattei with her team sets their goal to make Creazioni brand to be known for reviving past classic styles with a unique modern fusion. The designers masterfully “dress up “ the styles in a surprising form, lively colors, interesting materials and finishes, creating a dazzling, ironic, remarkable, unique furniture in a new level of elegance without loosing its classic remarks. No wonder Creazioni caught the attention of the international market in a short span of time.

Creazioni considered today an Art of Decoration with the philosophy of their vintage finishing by using contemporary timeless styles. They bring furniture into a new level of art and creativity.  Their extraordinary collection is like living a fantasy where imagination is the limit. A pouf with an eccentric bird foot, a table with a Romanesque sculpture plinths, a pony rocking chair in a shape of a horse, a mirror with an extravagant crown, a mushroom-like table and many other classic furniture combined with a unique shape, contrasting colors and bold combination truly makes them exceptional and artistically clever.

Always governed by the high quality craftsmanship and something that cannot always be taken for granted in every interior these days: a touch of simple good taste. Their design is based on the latest technologies on furniture production and past achievements of the iconic masters. They’re using an array of wood and metals as main materials for their furniture, unusual and contrasting colors, typically with glossy or matt lacquered finish, and commonly using hand painted or with embroidery thread and cloth upholstery (customers can also use their customize their designs).

Investing and collecting Creazioni furniture is something not to be afraid of, for it  will never be out of style as a work of art is timeless. Visit House of Folly for the full collection of Creazioni, where fantasy creates home.

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