This Vitra wall clock is emblematic of the highly acclaimed work of American Modernist designer, George Nelson.

One of the iconic designs of the 1950s, this Vitra wall clock carries the spirit of that era. It represents an American way of life with a strong belief in continuous technological progress and ever-increasing economic prosperity. In the second decade of the 21st century, Nelson’s Eye Wall Clock remains ideal for architects and homeowners seeking a refreshing alternative to the usual timepieces.

This clock is perfect for interior spaces because it resembles a sculpture more than a factory-made product.

Ever since House of Folly collaborated with Vitra a few years ago, Nelson’s clock has been among the most admired items in our online store. If you live in Dubai, you can get one of these masterpieces for yourself through our store in D3 or online store.

George Nelson

George Nelson was an American designer of Modernist art. Throughout his life, his goal was to bring modern design into American homes. Timepieces are one of his most iconic works of art.

Nelson’s work remains influential to this day. He founded an industrial design magazine, wrote extensively, and played a crucial role in legitimizing modern art. His interest in sustainability is more relevant for our era than it was in his time. He was a fierce proponent of reducing all forms of pollution, including chemical, visual, and audio.


Vitra is a family-owned firm of furniture and retail environments from Switzerland. It has its own Campus, with many world-leading architects working for it. House of Folly is a distributor of Vitra wall clocks in the UAE.

Homeowners and architects can get Vitra products in the UAE through House of Folly’s online or physical store.

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