When it comes to fiber art, Nathan Vincent doesn’t mess around. Or he does, but in a very tenacious manner. He uses yarn to create remarkable works that challenge our expectations of the materials, as well as the imagery he depicts. He does this through a cunning combination of processes, and subject matter. The processes he uses are traditionally considered feminine activities, such as: knitting, crocheting, sewing, and embroidering. The subjects he chooses are traditionally masculine objects, like: slingshots, video game controllers, and super hero capes. This juxtaposition of the familiar in an unfamiliar context is what makes Vincent’s work so striking.

nathan vincent 4

Last year, Vincent exhibited an extraordinary series of crocheted sculptures depicting those ubiquitous little green army men, but in this case, he made them life-sized. The exhibition was called “Let’s Play War!” and traveled coast to coast, from the Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington, to Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York City. Not only was this work an impressive display of his crocheting prowess, it made a powerful statement about the effect that social expectations and gender have on the way we learn to play and think creatively from a very early age.

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