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The Rocky Rocket by circu is the perfect place for your kids to play with thier new Christmas gifts. It Connects two different eras, parents can see Tintin in this piece; and their kids can be inspired by Toy Story, the movie, especially “Buzz Lightyear” and his belief of being a true space ranger, protecting the Universe. Circu built the piece for little astronauts and kids that are passionate about adventure and super heroes. Circu has captured that essence and plant it in their souls.

Rocky Rocket is a masterpiece of production with each piece made by hand. The body is built in fibre glass, with a paint mask to protect the squares. The interior is made of a red velvet upholstery. The light and sound system are controlled by a mobile app (Ilight) with allows your child to choose a variety of music, light effects, and sleep time. The engines are made from fibre glass and their interior is made with a new velvet flocking technique. The staircase is made in wood with a small secret safe made of gold leaf. All finishes are made with non-toxic paints and varnishes.

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